Why Should you Get Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done on your Wedding Day?
Posted on October 24, 2014 in Announcements, Fav makeup, Hairstyles

With the many costs that come along with planning a wedding, many of you may wonder, is it worth it to get your hair and makeup done? Well we decided to put together a few points to explain why we think it is so important.

Let’s start with the weather, now Styling Trio is based out of the Riviera Maya, which has a very particular climate. All of our stylists are trained to used the best quality products, for both hair and makeup, that will keep you looking fresh and beautiful throughout your ceremony. With the heat and the humidity of the Riviera Maya, it is so important to use high quality waterproof and humidity withstanding products. Well, we also have our secret weapon, to combat the tough weather conditions. It’s HD airbrush makeup! This unique type of makeup is waterproof and is made to last up to 12 hours! It is also very light, as our founder Adrian Guerra likes to say “Goodbye to the makeup mask ladies, those days are over!” And with airbrush makeup it’s true. You can barely feel the makeup on your face, which looks more natural and helps with the heat as well!

Now, another reason it is so important to get your hair and makeup professionally done, is the photos! All the photographers are using HD lenses when they take your wedding photos. The HD airbrush makeup shows up flawless in these photos. We have had many photographers tell us the amazing difference they see between brides that use airbrush and brides that use regular makeup. The airbrush makeup just gives you that stunning, flawless finish that looks excellent in photos!

And ladies, the most important reason to get your hair and makeup done on your wedding day, is because you deserve it! It’s your day, you should feel beautiful from head to toe. Having a professional do your hair and makeup will give you one last thing to worry about on your big day. Sit back and relax and let the professionals do all the work. It’s your day to shine!

Photography- http://delsolphotography.com
Bride- Samantha

The Styling Trio Team



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