5 questions you should ask your wedding vendors
Posted on June 19, 2015 in Wedding vendors, Weddings!

Planning a wedding is not an easy job, especially if you are having a destination wedding where it is difficult to be in constant contact with your vendors. To help avoid some possible issues down the road, here are some initial questions to ensure the vendor is the right one for you.

* Ask for recommendations from other brides and pictures of past weddings. Ask for emails or phone numbers so you can contact past clients for reference.

* Request a detailed contract from the vendor so you can review all payments and cancelation policies ahead of time. Make sure all the policies are very clear. If there is any confusion have the vendor clarify.

* Research the vendor (How many weddings have you done or done each year? How long have you been in business?)

* Make sure the vendor includes back up plans. If you are having a destination wedding on the beach you should consider the weather, it might rain, so always ask your vendors to include a back up plan for their services.

* Request a clear breakdown of the fees from the vendor and ask for any additional fees that might be tacked on for a back up plan, travel to the destination, extra time etc. so you can allot these costs in your budget.


These questions are a general way to start your vendor meeting. Then feel free to add some personal or more specific questions based on your wedding and your personal style. Remember ladies that we have years of experience within the wedding industry in the area so if you have any question about any vendors, feel free to contact our sales team.

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